Cycling for Everyone
Cycling for Everyone

Study visit and masterclass Baden-Württemberg

26 May 2022

A group of 28 persons from several municipalities in Baden-Württemberg visited the Netherlands for a study visit and masterclass in May 2022. One of the ambitions of Baden-Württemberg is to build twenty cycle highways before 2030 to connect Karlsruhe, Freiburg, Tübingen, and Stuttgart to each other and nearby villages.


On the first day, the group met in Utrecht with the Dutch experts. We started with a presentation from Gwen Boon, Provincie Utrecht who presented about provincial cycling routes and how to determine where to build the cycle network. Then André Botermans from the City of Houten presented from the perspective of the municipality.  Finally, Sjors van Duren, Royal HaskoningDHV presented about project design and funding for these projects. After a short break, we got on our bikes and had a cycling tour from Utrecht to beautiful Houten. In Houten we experienced how to create a mobility network which prioritizes active mobility which offered a lot of inspiration!


Day two was an intense day with two cycle highways and a masterclass. The delegation started in Arnhem and biked the Rijn-Waalpad to Nijmegen. There we started the masterclass about the most ideal route for a cycle highway. In six break out groups, the German planning staff had to decide which route would be the best. The groups came up with their own scoring system to rate the routes. After the presentations, we biked the route that was actually built between Nijmegen and Cuijk, the Maas-Waalpad. The masterclass was guided by Sjors van Duren, Christien Rodenburg from New Urban Mobility, Martijn te Lintelo from Green Metropolitan Region Arnhem-Nijmegen, and Ruben Loendersloot from Loendersloot International.


On the final day, the group met with Sjors van Duren and Ruben Loendersloot in Utrecht to discuss everything they saw in the Netherlands and how to translate that to the German context. No city is the same, therefore, each cycling network should be tailormade for a region. All in all, the study visit and masterclass was a huge success and we hope Baden-Württemberg reaches its goal to build twenty cycle highways before 2030!

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