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Cycling for Everyone

New Underwater Bike Parking at Amsterdam Central Station

26 January 2023

This month and next, Amsterdam Central Station will open two new bicycle parking facilities, which are not built on or underground, but underwater. Together they offer space for around 11,000 bicycles. This makes it the largest bicycle parking facility in the city. The Stationsplein bicycle garage was built under the so-called ‘Open Harbourfront’ and can store almost 7,000 bicycles. The two-tiered racks were supplied by VelopA, with monitoring technology provided by LumiGuide. It officially opened to the public on Thursday, January 26th, 2023. A second bicycle parking facility has been built in the water for approximately 4,000 bicycles on the IJboulevard, the rear of Amsterdam. It will open in February 2023.

The Stationsplein parking facility is a Wurck design. This parking facility is connected underground to the metro hall and Amsterdam Central Station, so travelers will soon be able to walk dry and without detours to and from public transport. The design was done in collaboration with the Amsterdam Museum. Two sgraffito artworks by Lex Horn from the former Swammerdam Institute have also been placed in the shed. The IJboulevard parking facility was designed by the VenhoevenCS. At the entrance on the east and west sides, panoramic walls have been made that show a fragment from well-known paintings.

To view a photo gallery of the Stationsplein facility, click here.

To take a video tour of the Stationsplein facility, click here.

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