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Cycling for Everyone

Arcadis Joins Dutch Cycling Embassy as 100th Network Participant

31 August 2023

On September 1st, 2023, the Dutch Cycling Embassy was pleased to welcome the 100th addition to their public-private network: consulting and engineering firm Arcadis. With their international headquarters in Amsterdam, the global organization has 36,000 employees, active in over 70 countries, working in the fields of transportation, infrastructure, water management, and the built and natural environment.

“Through our partnership with the Dutch Cycling Embassy, we are able to connect with clients, stakeholders, and other organizations who provide solutions for the other aspects in active transportation,” said Active & Sustainable Transport Consultant Alex van Gent. “This expands the reach of our experienced team in the Netherlands to new areas and brings awareness of our involvement in this field. While the bicycle continues to play a greater role in transportation systems globally, many decision makers and citizens do not know the potential for cycling in their area or how to implement cycling effectively. That is where our collaboration with the Dutch Cycling Embassy comes in.”

“We are delighted to welcome Arcadis, and their extensive network of offices and experts worldwide, to the Dutch Cycling Embassy,” said Managing Director Skadi Tirpak. “Through this partnership, we can raise awareness of the positive and inclusive impact of cycling by expanding our reach in facilitating safe, connected, and healthy transportation systems.”

“The Dutch Cycling Embassy has been extremely successful in building a brand and awareness around Dutch cycling expertise, and connecting interested parties to the knowledge, solutions, and inspiration they need to reduce costs, save lives, and improve liveability,” explained Van Gent. “We are very excited to partner with them and to share our cycling knowledge and experience worldwide.”

For questions or media requests, please contact Communications Manager Chris Bruntlett via email.

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