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This weekend, Dutch Cycling Embassy is exhibiting at VELOBerlin, in close cooperation with partners Falco, Lumiguide, 4Wieler, Bough Bikes and Ring-Ring®!

This weekend, the VELOBerlin bicycle festival takes place. VELOBerlin has been established in 2011 by Messe Friedrichshafen, organizer of world's leading trade fair EUROBIKE, and the Berlin based bicycle agency Velokonzept, as the leading public bicycle show in the German capital, with an impact not only on consumers, but also on politics and the media.VELOBerlin attracts the best bicycle exhibitors in the exhibition areas of URBAN & LIFESTYLE, SPORTS & ADVENTURE, BIKE & TRAVEL, offering TESTING opportunities as well as side events such as bike races, shows, group rides and a stage program with experts, bike travellers and panel guests. On top of this, VELOBerlin is also hosting the International Cargo Bike Festival during this years’ edition. This festival is organized by DCE-member Jos Sluijsmans. By combining VELOBerlin with this festival, a unique setting is created for the visitors!

The Dutch Cycling Embassy is hosting a Dutch Cycling Pavilion in Hangar 6 of the VELOBerlin event (stand H6 - D12 / D13). With our Dutch partners we are representing the best of Dutch cycling. The Dutch Cycling Pavilion at VELOBerlin has been co-created with the following partners:

Over our 60 years history in the Netherlands, Falco has developed the largest range of high quality cycle parking systems, canopies and street furniture. Our comprehensive collection of cycle parking products includes cycle stands, racks, clamps and lockers. We also manufacture an extensive range of shelters, canopies and lockable stores. Falco has, in addition to its headquarters in the Netherlands, offices in United Kingdom, Germany and Denmark. Furthermore, Falco products are represented in countries like Belgium, France, Norway and many more countries.

LumiGuide is an innovative software company which specializes in smart parking and guidance systems. LumiGuide developed and installed the P-route Bicycle system for the City of Utrecht in 2015. This system guides cyclists via digital, street-level displays to available bicycle parking space. Utrecht is the first city in the world that has a system like this. The detection technology is based on optical sensors which are independent of the bicycle stands. The sensors are mounted to the ceiling in indoor facilities and mounted to poles in outdoor facilities. Every minute, one sensor detects 40 to 60 parking places at the same time in either single- or two-tier bicycle stands as well as (stand-less) free parking places. The usage of the facility can be monitored with web-based control software. LumiGuide also develops the indoor and outdoor digital displays which can be controlled using the web-based control software.

4Wieler is a small but dedicated 4 wheel bike development and construction company. Located in Leiden the Netherlands they build, market and sell the Solo, Duo and Cargo (= Bykkar) 4 wheel bikes. In the past Solo and Duo models were mainly sold to health care institutions and end users, mostly elderly and disabled people. Although this segment of the market is important and our customers are very happy using our bikes, the bikes can also be used for many other purposes. The bikes have a very good looking design and can be used e.g. for recreation and holiday for both the young and the old. Or for the transportation of cargo in old city centers with historic value. We are now planning new models especially for these markets. In Leiden we will start a bike sharing project with the Duo models and we rent them as well to tourists and visitors. In the near future we have plans to expand our business to neighbouring countries and for that we are looking for partners.

Bough Bikes, the wooden bike company, is founded by Jan Gunneweg and Piet Brandjes in 2012. Thanks to the advanced computer-controlled milling machine, the company is able to produce wooden bikes in larger quantities while keeping them affordable and consistent high quality. Jan Gunneweg is a Dutch designer with a love for natural products. “If you design from nature you will always create something that people feel comfortable with.” His design stands out because of the combination of beauty, simplicity and functionality. Jan wants to inspire people and bring them closer to nature through his designs. His greatest passion is wood. “Wood is warm, flexible and solid at the same time. Wood is a live material. Every piece is different. The wooden product becomes more beautiful as the years go by”, says Jan.

Ring-Ring® is an easy to join community for bicycles and four specific stakeholders that benefit from cyclists: healthcare, (local) government, retail and employers. Cycle kilometers (Ckm’s) travelled by bicycle are measured on a smart device and converted into a value that can be spent at participating stakeholders. Gamification elements push intrinsic motivation. The data cyclists gather with their smartphones are shared in an open platform with the highest respect for privacy. The platform will attract SMART people to invent SMARTER cities when people are able to thrive. Where people thrive, economies flourish! A healthy mobility choice solves three major problems for people and cities: health, air quality and public space dilemmas. Each Cycle Kilometre is a gift. Think about it!

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