Triple Joy

Triple Joy is inspired by the resistance of the bike and the joy one experiences with the bike. Office for bicycle promotion triple Joy stimulates and faciltates the “bike trails” that you can access to be part of a healthy, sustainable and mobile world. Innovation contributes to this world by doing business in a new way. Any question requires customization when sustainability is desired. After all, all roads lead to Rome. As we work with the Design Based Learning techniques from Blueways and work by designing and using experiments  we do not know the outcomes or solutions in advance. Cooperation projects may therefore be experienced as "tricky" in the beginning but this is a normal characteristic during change and development. When it feels uncomfortable, there is room for growth.

1. Sickness prevention at work

Sick employees cost a lot of money. An average burn-out can cost about € 121.000 for the employer. Taking action beforehand is better for the employee and for you. The timely use of the bike buddy along with coaching and guidance can save you a lot of money.

Also in case of existing absence, reintegration, outplacement and career development, the bike buddy is the right choice for the HRM manager, manager and coach. The bike buddy offers tools and extra support on vitality. As a practice lifestyle supervisor, employees or entrepreneurs and I go outside. We recharge energy, spar over new ideas and discover new worlds. Triple Joy's view of bicycle promotion is based on years of experience and curiosity for innovation and improvement.

2. Bicycle mobility plan

If you as a business owner or employer want to have fitter, healthier and happier employees by promoting cycling as a way of commuting, a bicycle mobility scan can help.

With this scan triple Joy shows where improvements can be achieved. Based on the results, we determine together what you want to speed up or slow down. Is the result to set up a dialogue table, organize a mini event or a bike ride for charity? With the large and diverse network, the triple Joy bicycle stimulation office can offer various bicycle (mobility) solutions.

Office for bicycle promotion | triple Joy listens with attention to your vitality and bicycle mobility questions and determines the direction together with you. Creating energy with mobility instead of consuming it!


  • City: Amersfoort


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