Cycling for Everyone
Cycling for Everyone

Velo-city 2023

17 April 2023

We are excited to be at the 2023 Velo-city Conference in Leipzig, Germany! Find us and 34 of our network participants at the Dutch Cycling Pavilion, Booth #6, and discover the world of Dutch cycling.


Velo-city Booklet

We are excited to be leading a diverse delegation of 34 organizations from both the public and private sector. Learn more about the Dutch Cycling Pavilion and the schedule of when our experts will be presenting this week!

Dutch Cycling Vision

We are proud to release the 2023 Dutch Cycling Vision during Velo-City. This vision is to stimulate and inspire cycling policies all over the world. Learn how cycling benefits society and find out why investing in cycling is a no-brainer!

VR Film Experience: ‘Liveable Cycling Cities’

In partnership with NLinBusiness, the Dutch Cycling Embassy’s virtual reality film is about resilient and sustainable mobility. Entitled “Liveable Cycling Cities”, the four-minute film takes viewers on an immersive journey through the Dutch cycling (r)evolution, from the 1970s road safety protests in Amsterdam to the spectacular Hovenring suspended bicycle roundabout in Eindhoven. Experience ‘Liveable Cycling Cities’ through our VR glasses at our Dutch Cycling Pavilion! 

ThinkBike Workshop Booklet

Every country and region is different. ThinkBike Workshops do not impose Dutch solutions onto your community, but help you learn from Dutch experience and best practice in your own geographic, political and cultural context. ThinkBike Workshops address all areas that can help your community become cycling-friendly. Learn more about our ThinkBike Workshops!

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