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Kick-off Germany strategy

20 April 2023

On the 27th of March the Dutch Cycling Embassy, together with ROM Utrecht Region, launched a multi-year Germany strategy to increase the exchange and activities between Germany and the Netherlands. The 3 year, sector wide collaboration will focus on enhancing cycling conditions in Germany and create opportunities for collaboration and learning. It is funded by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and will be coordinated through the Dutch Cycling Embassy (DCE).

The kick-off event took place in the city hall of Utrecht and highlighted the focus areas and concrete activities in Germany. This year we will be at VeloBerlin, VeloCity in Leipzig, polisMobility in Cologne, Eurobike in Frankfurt and IAA in Munich. Additionally, there will be a kick-off in Germany on the evening before VeloCity in Leipzig on the 8th of May where German and Dutch companies can come together to network and exchange during a bike ride and an afternoon program.

The aim of this strategy is to increase the number of visits to trade fairs and conferences in Germany, but also to organise events for the exchange of knowledge. For this purpose, German delegations will be invited to the Netherlands to gain insight into the development and planning of the Dutch cycling infrastructure and the emergence of cycling culture together with local experts. At the same time, workshops and seminars are to be organised in Germany to provide cities and municipalities with concrete help and advice in implementing their projects. The experience of the cities, companies and organisations in the Netherlands, which are united in the DCE network, can contribute to accelerate the developments in Germany and learn from the long experience and mistakes made. We are looking forward to working together even more in Germany in the field of cycle mobility.

If you have any questions, please contact Nils Steinhäuser from the Dutch Cycling Embassy.

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