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Fietshangar Signs MoU in the United States

10 October 2022 - Author: Matthijs Rypma

During our recent Economic Trade Mission to San Francisco  and Los Angeles focused on the topic of Urban Mobility, Dutch Cycling Embassy network participant Fietshangar signed a major Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with two key partners in the United States.

With the signing of this MoU, the Utrecht-based company Fietshangar joins forces with Washington D.C.-based MetroBike (Distributor and Operator) and San Francisco-based Tranzito (Operator) to bring their Dutch bicycle parking product to the United States where, under the name Bike Barns, the Fietshangars will contribute to improving infrastructure in American cities.

As a company from the Utrecht region, Fietshangar were proud Sharon Dijksma, Mayor of Utrecht—cycling city of the world—was present at this special moment. The collaboration was affirmed with the signatures of Fietshangar Managing Director Bart Wagemakers and Product Manager Matthijs Rypma, MetroBike Principal Paul DeMaio, and Tranzito CEO Gene Oh and COO Adam Shapiro.

The MoU content: “Fietshangar, with its established and proven product is being brought to the U.S. market by MetroBike, where Tranzito helps to co-create an integrated bicycle parking solution on both the east and west coasts in this three-way partnership.”

If you have any questions or would like to bring Bike Barns to your (North American) city, please contact them directly via phone (+1 703 582 1737) or email (

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