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Cycling for Everyone

DCE joins POLIS in Glasgow

9 June 2022

The Dutch Cycling Embassy was present at the POLIS Leadership Summit The Transition to Zero-Emission at the Glasgow.

On the 7th and 8th of June the Dutch Cycling Embassy was present at the POLIS Leadership Summit The Transition to Zero-Emission, at the Glasgow City Chambers, on invitation of the organizers.

Transport is currently responsible for about one-fifth of the global CO2 emissions, and nearly a third of transport-related CO2 emissions come from urban passenger transport. The summit will contribute to developing the message to the COP27 on the next steps at the global level toward successful decarbonization of transport in our cities and regions.

The transition to a climate-neutral Urban Mobility require action. Glasgow is one of the 100 cities which committed to become climate neutral in 2030. To define what kind of action is needed to achieve climate neutrality Shelley Bontje (Project Manager DCE) took part in the Research & Innovation for action workshop on urban mobility. 

The workshop was shaped as a discussion among peer focusing on three issues: 1. What is currently ‘hot’ in urban mobility R&I to accelerate decarbonization? 2. How can we orient urban mobility research to best support leaders in advancing the transition to Sustainable Urban Mobility, through ‘’avoid-shift-improve’’ policies?3. How can we ensure a continued level of EU-UK cooperation in this domain? 

One of the main take aways is the importance of keeping an eye out on negative externalities when shifting to climate neutrality. Where negative externalities arise when ‘avoiding’ or ‘improving’ our urban mobility trips, shifting to active travel contributes positively to our society.

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