Cycling for Everyone
Cycling for Everyone

Coalition of Clean Air Thinkers (CCAT-Africa)

12 December 2022

On Thursday, December 8th, 2022, the Dutch Cycling Embassy participated virtually in the introductory meeting of the Coalition of Clean Air Thinkers (CCAT-Africa). Initiated by the Mega Impact Foundation, CCAT-Africa is a network of carefully selected MDAs, CSOs, media, corporate organizations, and individuals aimed at improving carbon-emission reduction, structural and systemic human behavioural changes in the hope of achieving its Sustainable Development Goal on creating a Greener Nigeria starting with Delta State by 2030.

Project Director Oluwaseun Ola-Daniels set-off the tone for the meeting with the introduction of DCE Marketing and Communications Manager Chris Bruntlett. Through his presentation, he shared with members a detailed account of how the Netherlands was able to achieve the status of the healthiest people in the world with the use of cycling as an integral part of mobility which has also helped them metamorphose into the most bicycle-friendly country in the world. His presentation accompanied by a projected multimedia presentation also highlighted the challenges of embracing non-motorized form of transportation across countries in he had helped initiative the process of creating mobility-friendly cities with special focus on cycling.

The Q & A Session which duly followed Chris’s presentation saw members engage him in multifunctional and diverse views and questions on how to replicate the Netherlands cycling framework to create a model that can help develop cycling as a major mode of transportation in Nigeria with Delta State as it start-off point in the hope of reducing carbon emissions in the atmosphere, raising a healthier population and increasing cycling as a non-motorized transport mode.

The questions focused on finding solutions to issues of adopting an effective mind re-engineering process that will ensure that people embrace the message of adopting bicycle as the healthiest and most pocket-friendly mode of transportation especially for shorter distances, the issue of funding was also brought to the forefront as questions were asked on how funds can be generated to implement the phases of the project which include the short, medium and long term stages.

Oluwaseun Ola-Daniels during his closing remark emphasized on the multi-faced benefits of the Coalition for the society and also introduced the telegram platform where members will have access to developmental opportunities, up-to-date information, networking and ideas sharing. Florence Ogonegbu rounded off the meeting with a vote of thanks where she shared with members on how our meetings will be from now on which will include both physical and virtual platforms and pleaded for utmost involvement from every member.

In attendance were:
1. Briggs Vivian, Director, Climate Change, Delta State Ministry of Environment
2. Ogbogbo Carthris, Directorate of Transportation, Delta State Ministry of Transportation
3. Vivian Ashiedu, Delta State Ministry of Urban Renewal
4. Asiagwu Testimony, Executive Director, Big T Infotech Network
5. Okafor Oluebube, Programmes Manager, FADE Africa
6. Agboro Harrison, Executive Director, Greensphere Initiative
7. Christopher Chidiebere, Delta state Ministry of Transportation
8. Kene Andy, Executive Director, Conearth Inititive, Benue State
9. Onome Tano: Delta State Broadcasting Service
10. Kingsley, Head Coach, Delta State Cycling Association

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