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Bicycle Parking at Train Stations in Bern

16 December 2021

DCE organises workshop for City of Bern, Switzerland to look at design solutions for bike parking at train stations.

On 16th December 2021, the Dutch Cycling Embassy organised a 90-minute digital workshop for the Municipality of Bern, Switzerland, to explore design and funding solutions for bicycle parking at train stations. It was attended by local urban and transport planners as well as public transport project managers. Two Dutch cycling experts participated in the workshop: Simone Jorink of Movares and Wouter van Minderhout of ProRail.

The session opened with an introduction to the issue by the DCE’s Chris Bruntlett, followed by presentations from the Dutch experts. Then, the workshop moved to a question-and-answer period, where the experts gave advice and ideas on specific obstacles or locations.

This workshop was coordinated through the Netherlands Embassy in Bern. We look forward to hopefully continuing this collaboration in a physical setting in the winter/spring of 2022.

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