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Roundabout Scheveningen

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The Hague, Plesmanweg and Nieuwe Parklaan



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Reason for intervention

The crossing Plesmanweg-Nieuwe Parklaan in Scheveningen used to be one large chunk of asphalt. Cyclists had to take two crossings if they wanted to take a left turn and the bicycle facilities were poorly marked. Another reason for intervention was the outdated traffic signalling system which needed to be replaced.


The main objective was to improve the safety and comfort for all modes of transport, and to improve the traffic flow and comfort for cyclists and pedestrians. Furthermore, the new design should fit the surroundings, align with the central role in its bicycle route network and remain accessible for public transport and emergency services.

Roundabouts, if well planned, can require the same amount of space as current junctions.

Chosen intervention

The intersection is redesigned as a roundabout. Cyclists have separated bicycle infrastructure, pedestrians have separated foot paths, and the curve is large enough to serve cars, busses and larger traffic. For comfortable cycling, cyclists on the roundabout have priority over cars. As many elements of the roundabout are developed with green plants to give it a natural touch, the roundabout blends into its surroundings. The roundabout more or less fits in the same space as the former four-arm junction, although the crossings for cyclists and pedestrians have become much shorter.

Lessons learned

1. Improving safety and comfort for cyclists and pedestrians can improve safety and flow for car drivers as well.

2. By redesigning the intersection into a roundabout with enough attention to green, as asphalt was replaced by green space, the location fits better in its surroundings.

3. Roundabouts, if well planned, can require the same amount of space as current junctions.

4. Roundabouts are more cost-effective having no operational costs for maintenance and management of the traffic lights.

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