The Dutch Cycling Embassy participates in 'Alternativas Verdes' an event for innovation and sustainable development in Morelos, Mexico. The Netherlands has been invited as a guest country. Therefore the Dutch Embassy asked the Dutch Cycling Embassy to attend this Event. To help the State of Morelos to improve their mobility we asked cycling experts from Heijmans, Mobycon and Move Mobility to join us. Participation in the event ' Alternativas Verdes ' is a follow-up to an earlier visit to Mexico City in June of this year. Concrete ideas were exchanged during a round table meeting on how the city can redesign its existing infrastructure in a sustainable way in order to become a green liveable city. The State of Morelos wants to improve its sustainability. That is why they made an investment to set up a connection between Mexico City and Cuernavaca for charge points for electric cars. And the centre of Cuernavaca is currently working on improved road design with a focus on bicycle use.

22 to 26 of june 2015 a Sustainable Mobility Conference took place in Mexico City. Several Dutch experts went and apported there.