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Cargo Bike Talks – Decade of the Cargo Bike

6 July 2020

New online webcast series hosted by the City of Groningen and the EU SURFLOGH project.

On Monday, June 29th , in the first in a series of Cargo Bike Talks, Jos Sluijsmans – Director and founder of the International Cargo Bike Festival – talked about the future and potential for cargo bike logistics in three different European cities, represented by three different cycle logistics companies.

Ecokoeriers in Mechelen, Zedify in Edinburgh, and Go Fast in Groningen have one thing in common: they’re all taking part in the SURFLOGH project which is co-funded by the EU’s North Sea Region Programme. SURFLOGH stands for Sustainable Urban Freight Logistics Hubs and it investigates and trials efficient, eco-friendly cargo distribution in urban areas, with a view to clearing congestion and making our cities more liveable.

Along with Inneke Vos from Ecokoeriers, Charlie Mulholland from Zedify, and Peter Rugge from Go Fast Fietskoeriers, Jos discussed the impact of the COVID-19 crisis and how it has affected their businesses. They also talked about how cargo bikes can make effective and economical logistics concepts possible, especially in the growing area of small consignments such as parcels.

The webcast is still available to watch on the Let’s Gro website.

Learn more about best practices of cycle logistics at RIPPL.

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