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SURE serves as a one stop shop for business e-mobility solutions. Providing businesses with micro-mobility vehicles, charging solutions, connected services and marketing tools. At the center of the SURE business concept is the SURE e-bike, which has been newly designed to meet up the harshest company use conditions and contribute to a more time-efficient and durable mode of transportation.

With the innovative use of hybrid super capacitors, SURE Mobility has managed to create safe and time efficient E-bikes.

Due to the use of less flammable materials and capacitive technology, there’s little to no risks of fires. Capacitive technology also means that SURE E-bikes fully charge in 30 minutes.

The life span of the patented battery technology is also 10 times longer than conventional battery systems. Resulting in sustainable use and increased savings on batteries.

The SURE E-bike is designed and developed by entrepreneurs with years of experience in the rental industry. They noticed there was no fool proof E-bike on the market that fits the specific needs of business mobility.

Their purpose is to accelerate the adoption of safe, sustainable and time efficient.

E-mobility solutions.

Company logo of SURE Mobility

SURE Mobility

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