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ProRail connects people, cities and businesses by a dense, intensively used rail network. We provide a secure, reliable, punctual and sustainable rail network, comfortable stations and bicycle parking facilities. We work together with operators and partners to do so.

Bicycle parking at railway stations: 

In order to further increase the attractiveness of train travel, it is important that ProRail and NS also look at the pre and post transport. The focus is on the bicycle. Not only because the bicycle is already the most popular means of transport to and from stations, but also because the bicycle is sustainable and healthy. The combination of train and bicycle is 

therefore the most promising and valuable contribution to a complete journey from door to door.

We are doing everything we can to further increase the number of bicycle rides. We will further expand the number of bicycle parking facilities and we will increase the convenience of the bicycle parking facilities. We invest in sustainable innovations that further increase convenience and flexibility. 

700,000 bicycle parking facilities in 2040:

Since the year 2000, ProRail has modernized almost all bicycle parking facilities in the Netherlands at more than 400 stations. Municipalities are an important financing and cooperation party to work together for sustainable accessibility. The total number of bicycle parking facilities at stations is now over 500,000. This number will grow sharply in the coming years from available (co-)financing, to approximately 700,000 bicycle parking facilities in 2040.

Company logo of ProRail


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