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Since 2006, AbelLeisure develops recreational route concepts with a focus on sustainability. Our goal is to let everyone enjoy the outdoor space with route products that contribute to the vitality and to more spending in the local economy. We work on our projects with 12 enthusiastic employees.

AbelLeisure specializes in the development of themed routes. From idea and concept development to realization, maintenance and management. In addition, we develop route networks, from design to construction and maintenance. We distinguish ourselves by paying a lot of attention to sustainability in our projects. For this purpose, we have developed Biopanel.

AbelLeisure is the developer of:

  • BioPanel, a 100% BioBased and fossil-free sheet material for signing and information provision in public spaces. This has been developed through our ambition to make objects in nature more environmentally friendly.
  • Robinson, a counting sensor that counts users of cycling and walking paths. The counts are transmitted in real-time to an internet platform that analyzes the data. Robinson does not require external power and a data connection.
  • RoutAbel, the Route App with more than 600 digital cycling and walking routes. The user is being navigated and along the way, the app provides all kinds of information about the environment, nature, history, etc. Sound fragments and film material complete the experience of the user. The RoutAbel app is often used in combination with signposted routes for a full experience. The app is developed by AbelLeisure to guarantee the continuity of routes for years.
Company logo of AbelLeisure


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