Cycling for Everyone


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Mobycon is a Dutch mobility consultancy specializing in developing and implementing innovative and sustainable mobility solutions nationally and internationally. As a multi-disciplinary team of traffic engineers, urban planners, economists, communications and engagement specialists, and human geographers, Mobycon delivers diverse, integrated mobility products and consulting services. Our work supports the development of healthy, connected, liveable communities working to reduce car dependence. 

With an over 35 years history operating in the Netherlands and across Europe, Mobycon is actively applying Dutch knowledge to support mobility innovation. Along with three offices in the Netherlands working throughout Europe, we have offices in both Canada and the US helping North American cities create vibrant public streets and spaces. Mobycon focuses on working with local partners, applying decades of knowledge, experience, and best-practices to help our clients develop tailor-made, local solutions that maximise safety and accessibility for the mobility of all users. 

As more cities prioritise improved sustainability and liveability, Mobycon is prepared to provide expert service and support. Our knowledge about walking and cycling planning, public transport, mobility management, parking & traffic, and road safety are the tools needed to help cities realise their potential.