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MobilityLabel’s tools support organizations with the right mobility choices and help reduce costs, avoid unnecessary travel time, improve sustainability, efficiency and vitality.

MobilityLabel’s core product consists of interactive mobility scans with its own MobilityAnalyst tool. This is an online environment that facilitates employers in providing insight into and optimising corporate mobility. MobilityAnalyst shows organisations where commuting can be improved and which policy is best suited to this. The user discovers the organisation’s cycling potential, car dependency, travel opportunities, travel times, parking facilities needed, CO2 emissions, vitality impact and for instance the bike&train-potential.

The MobilityAnalyst tool enables employers to objectively and clearly map the effect of specific employer measures. By playing with sliders and input values, the user easily creates his own scenarios and immediately sees the graphical and numerical feedback of the selected measures on his own organisation, even with complex or stacked measures. The tool is completely interactive and based on company specific data, home addresses, current routes, congestion expectations, timetables and the set measures.

MobilityLabel works in several markets throughout Europe.

  • We work for individual employers, providing them with a (single organisation) Mobility Scan.
  • We work together with various mobility and sustainability consultants; As a software-oriented company, we are focused on providing tooling, data and insights. Consultants can help advise on and implement changes where necessary.
  • We work for and with local regions. More and more regions are opting for a regional employer approach in which the individual employers gain insight from their own mobility scan in their mobility change potential. At the same time, we facilitate the region with aggregated data from the various scans performed, giving valuable insights into the regional cycling and public transport bottlenecks and the opportunities for improvement, facilitating local benchmarking and providing insight into avoiding nuisance during large construction projects.

Company logo of MobilityLabel


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