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GO-bility aims to be a global influence for positive change, developing capacities of professionals and organizations to lead the way in the transition to active and safer mobility. GO-bility provides capacity development support with a unique personal touch: more than learning!


For a single training, workshop or ​learning intervention in the field of active ​mobility, safe system or mobility ​planning. This could be in-person or on-line. From a 1-day working to a multiple-day learning trajectory.


For the development and management ​of learning and capacity development ​programs with multiple trainings and ​interventions: Program design and management, Staffing trainers and backoffice, Set-up of supporting processes and ​platforms and Financial management


Over the years more than 3000 learners from more than 75 countries across the world have participated in trainings ​and courses that were led by or implemented as part of the (program) management of GO-bility’s lead, Teije Gorris, ​for or in cooperation with organizations. Such as World Bank, European Commission, European Investment Bank, Delft Road Safety Courses, Austroads and DTV Capacity Building.

Company logo of GO-bility


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