Nederlandse Spoorwegen

Every day, NS transports more than 1.1 million train passengers. They are the connection between home and work, between family and friends and all of the other people in your life. The train is still the only long distance mode of transportation that can take passengers to the heart of the city centre unhindered, in a sustainable and safe manner. The train has been a unique way to get from place to place for more than 175 years, and that is a source of pride for more than 30,000 NS employees. On average, the NS has performed much better over the past few years, but not on every route and not for every passenger.

People want to be able to move around without having to worry. Fast, safe, simple and at any time. NS wants to make this possible, and does not limit itself to just trains. NS has developed into a comprehensive service provider, enabling its customers to blend social, business and recreational goals seamlessly. This is done by making the journey from door to door comfortable, accessible and efficient and by giving the customer the opportunity to choose 'smart' travel options based on the most recent information.


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