MOVE Mobility

MOVE Mobility is specialist in ‘smart urban mobility’, as we say Smart Moving Cities! The goal is to improve accessibility, livability, safety and economic vitality in cities by providing guidance towards the establishment of a sustainable transport and mobility system. And by finding a balance in modes: public transport, cars, walking and cycling. In order to provide this guidance they use state-of-art tools like the MOVE Meter that, due to its GIS and web based nature, improves the understanding of the linkage between traffic/transportation and urban planning. Workshops and other interactive sessions are facilitated by them. In these sessions a long (Dutch) history of integral multi modal planning combined with the MOVE Meter usage plays a key role. In recent years MOVE Mobility has completed projects in the USA (i.e. Memphis, Austin, Houston), Mexico (Cuernavaca, Villahermosa), Georgia (Tbilisi) and Africa (Kampala and Cape Town).

For videos of our work we refer you to our YouTube channel.


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