Hans Voerknecht

Mobility Strategist, Working at MOVE Mobility

Hans works on all fronts on strategic innovations in sustainable mobility. More than just looking at cycling, Hans looks at the functioning of the Daily Urban System to show the big advantages of cycling. In a recent study Hans worked on, it is shown that investing in an integrated bike and public transport system is much more effective in terms of accessibility than investing in car infrastructure. Therefore, Hans is focused on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans. Combining cycling with public transport, but also with cars (Park & Bike) is essential. Hans has been working on the Mobiliteitsscan since 2007, an instrument which makes the effects of interventions in mobility tangible and manageable.

Hans focuses on the solutions relevant for the situation abroad. Health and happiness are the most relevant fruits cycling can bring to a city. Hans helps cities reap these fruits by replacing a car dominant mobility system by a bike and public transport dominant transport system.

DCE Expertise: Providing tools to include cycling in daily urban systems, assessing importance of cycling in mobility system, transition path to mainstream cycling, campaigns valuing the positives aspects of cycling, cycle in chain mobility

DCE Experience: Pre-DCE cycling ambassador, a lot of countries visited and delegations received

Languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian (reasonable)