DTV Capacity building

For more than 20 years DTV Consultants has been organising and teaching 50 different courses in the field of traffic and transport in the Netherlands on Bachelor and Bachelor-plus level. English capacity building activities comprise cycling infrastructure design, road safety for vulnerable road users, free e-courses on various urban mobility topics (including marketing urban cycling and bike sharing) and development of various case materials about cycling infrastructure. DTV Consultants were also responsible for managing the development of the famous CROW Design Manual for Bicycle Traffic.

Under the “NOVI Traffic and Transport Academy” wich is accredited by the Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science, DTV Consultants’ staff develop and provide Assosiate Degree and Bachelor’s programmes on traffic engineering. DTV Capacity Building’s mission is to not only learn you about Dutch Cycling, Planning and Design but also to teach you to apply it yourself in your local situation. The courses are concluded with an assessment and result in a certificate.


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Teije Gorris

Teije Gorris