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Cycling for Everyone
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International Children’s Cycling Manifesto

17 January 2024

The International Children’s Cycling Manifesto is being launched today, Wednesday 17 January 2024. This manifesto promotes the importance of youth voices for cities in need of safer, fairer cycling cultures. It is a call to action for urban populations to put children first, and build a future in which we can all move freely.

The manifesto is launched parallel to a global programme of youth cycling stimulation, coordinated by BYCS and implemented in 4 Global South cities by the following cycling advocacy groups:


  • Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Egre Menged
  • Bengaluru, India – Urban Morph
  • Istanbul, Turkey – Chain Breaking Women
  • Quito, Ecuador – Amanda Padilla


These groups, with financial support from the Urban Movement Innovation Fund, are using the Bicycle Heroes programme framework, developed by BYCS in the Netherlands and piloted in Europe, to adapt to their context and empower children to use their voices for cycling good.


BYCS has been developing the Bicycle Heroes programme since 2018, leading to European and now global expansion. In 2022 BYCS launched the Netherlands Children’s Cycling Manifesto, calling for a national refocusing on the decreasing numbers of children cycling.


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