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Cycling for Everyone

Walking tour Bataan, the Philippines

24 May 2023

On a sunny Tuesday afternoon, a delegation from Bataan, the Philippines, embarked on a walking tour in Utrecht. Margot Daris (Dutch Cycling Embassy) showcased some of the city center’s notable highlights. During their exploration, the group discussed the importance of eye contact and communication between road users. When car drivers have eye contact with cyclists and pedestrians, a negotiation takes place. This makes traffic situations much safer and it prevents accidents.


It was very interesting to discuss the developments of the Catharijnesingel. Witnessing the transformation of a highway into a vibrant space, where people gather for picnics, bask in the sun, and enjoy recreational activities such as running, left an impression. By reintroducing the canal, Utrecht has not only revitalized a piece of its history but also contributed to the restoration of nature. The result is a delightful green area in the heart of the city.


The group’s next stop proved to be an exceptional experience—the busiest bike lane in the world. In Utrecht, much like in other Dutch cities, cycling reigns supreme as the most convenient mode of transportation. The abundance of cyclists weaving through the streets is a testament to this fact. Thanks to the practice of eye contact and interaction with other road users, everyone can safely reach their destinations.


Bike parking emerged as another important topic during the tour. Recognizing the diverse needs and preferences of different city areas, the delegation acknowledged the necessity of dedicated bike parking facilities. The walking tour ended in the largest bike parking garage in the world at Utrecht Central Station. The group was amazed by the number of bikes and how smooth everything works.


It was a great pleasure to host Governor Mr. Garcia of Bataan, Mayor Mr. Raymundo of Orion, and all the other esteemed Mayors from Bataan.

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