Cycling for Everyone
Cycling for Everyone

ThinkBike Workshop in Sarnia, Canada

13 September 2023

Together with the City of Sarnia and Momentum, the Dutch Cycling Embassy organised a ThinkBike Workshop in Sarnia, Canada. Sarnia is a lovely city with lots of opportunities for active mobility. During the workshop we discussed the Active Travel Master Plan that the city and Momentum are developing. The ATMP is taking into account the different user groups that will be using the active travel network. This way, the network will provide safe and attractive infrastructure for people aged from 8 to 88.

Martijn te Lintelo (Green Metropole Region Arnhem-Nijmegen) presented about why several layers of government should invest in cycling and what they get out of it. Thereby, he showed how the Dutch implement (active) mobility in newly developed neighbourhoods. Maurits Lopes Cardozo (Bikeminded) discussed infrastructure design and how the design can incentivise people to use active mobility. Maurits’ presentation enabled the participants to think outside the box and try creative ideas when they design their own streets.

During the workshop we have discussed the current cycling network and the quick wins. With quick wins, we can make the whole network more complete. Thereby, it shows where the missing links are and where the city should invest in infrastructure. The second part of the workshop focussed on what the infrastructure may look like if the city priorities active mobility. In small groups we have been redesigning several intersections in Sarnia to make them bike and pedestrian friendly.

At the end of the workshop, every group presented their ideas to the other groups. We discussed differences and similarities and how Sarnia will move forward to become a cycling city. Sarnia already has all the elements to become a lovely cycling city – the Dutch Cycling Embassy team cannot wait to see all the creative ideas being put to practice!

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