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Cycling for Everyone

Study visit: Düren

22 March 2024

On March 15th, the Dutch Cycling Embassy (DCE) welcomed a group from the city of Düren’s Committee for Mobility, Environment and Climate Protection for a study visit. Politicians from different parties, representatives of environmental and transport associations and planners visited Utrecht for a day to get some new impressions and inspiration.

The 25 participants arrived in the morning from Düren, a small city in North Rhine Westphalia in Germany where cycling is to continue to be promoted as a sustainable form of mobility. On the way to the meeting room, first impressions were gathered at the Fietsenstalling Stationsplein at Utrecht Centraal. Welcomed by Nils Steinhäuser from the DCE, the group met two experts from the network which were ready to give presentations. First, Tim Adema from Roelofs gave insights into dutch cycling infrastructure in Utrecht and cycle priority routes. Secondly, Alina Prey, policy and behavioral research consultant at Goudappel, spoke about cycling and retail. The presentations were followed by lively discussions about transferability, the situation and challenges in Düren.

Then it was time to get on the bikes to experience cycling in the Netherlands first-hand! Accompanied by Nils, Tim and Alina, the group went on a tour from Utrecht to Houten. Along the way, stops included bicycle streets and bridges, rural cycling routes and the bike parking facilities at the train station in Houten. Topics like redesign of public (street)space, commuting and inclusivity were addressed and discussed.

It was a pleasure to get into an exchange in Utrecht and we hope that the committee group could take many inspirations back to Düren.

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