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Study visit Czech mayors

20 April 2023

On 13th and 14th April 2023, the Dutch Cycling Embassy (DCE) welcomed a delegation of mayors from towns surrounding Prague in the Czech Republic. The delegation is part of the Ladův kraj microregion, a voluntary association of municipalities from the Prague-East district.

The group of mayors and regional leaders enjoyed a two-day study visit where they learnt about Dutch Cycling, from its history through to its current planning and management. Their goal was to gain insights on how to create a bicycle-friendly environment in their respective towns, and to foster political will as well as a healthy cycling culture.


Day 1 in Ede:

The group began their study visit in the town of Ede, in the centre of The Netherlands, in the province of Gelderland. Upon arrival, the participants received a first mini-tour of train station cycling facilities, and an overview of various plans and developments in the town from expert Ruben Loendersloot.

The programme then proceeded with an overview of Dutch Cycling, followed by presentations on network planning, with a focus on urban-rural connections, and behavioural change by Ruben. In the afternoon, they went on a full tour of Ede, where cycling infrastructure and housing are still under development. The group was thus able to experience the process of retrofitting and upgrading a currently less cycling-friendly city, and the different ingredients necessary to successfully complete the process. It also gave participants a chance to experience how cycling is integrated into everyday life in the Netherlands.


Day 2 in Utrecht:

The following day, the group headed to the Dutch Cycling Embassy office for presentations on “How to create a cycling city?” and government prioritization by André Pettinga. In a vivid discussion, the Czech group shared their current situations and the challenges they encounter in pushing for a bicycle framework.

After lunch, the group headed into Utrecht for a bicycle tour guided by André. During this tour, André highlighted key characteristics and measures of Dutch infrastructure that ensure a safe, efficient, and enjoyable mode of transportation in cycling. One of the main take-aways from this experience was the calm, comfortable, casual convenience of everyday cycling in The Netherlands.

The group left The Netherlands highly enthusiastic and inspired to pioneer a collaborative cycling strategy for their towns and region: “All the participants were deeply touched and, already on their way home, made many plans to exploit everything we absorbed” – Kateřina Čadilová

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