Cycling for Everyone
Cycling for Everyone

Study visit County Clare

2 August 2023

In the middle of summer, the DCE hosted a study visit from County Clare. On the first day, we met the group in Ede. Sjors van Duren and Milou van Mierlo (Royal HaskoningDHV) presented about network planning and behaviour change. The group was very engaged which led to lots of interesting discussions. In the afternoon, we had a bike ride through Ede, Bennekom, and Wageningen to explore urban-rural connections and traffic calming measures. Even though it had been raining the whole afternoon, the group enjoyed the bike ride very much. 

The second day started at the DCE office in Utrecht. André Pettinga (Cyclemotions) presented about design principles and school zones. This was followed by an infrastructure design presentation by Lennart Nout (Mobycon). In the afternoon it was time to put theory into practice! During the bike ride in Utrecht we visited several school zones, bike parking areas, roundabouts, and retrofitted areas. To conclude the visit, we had to stop at a local brewery for a beer and chips! 

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