Cycling for Everyone
Cycling for Everyone

Study Tour for Austrian Minister

26 May 2021

On May 25th, the Dutch Cycling Embassy organized an Amsterdam cycle tour for the Austrian Minister for Climate Action and Mobility, Ms. Leonore Gewessler.

Together with David Gelauff, the program manager for cycling in Amsterdam, we cycled through our capital.

During the tour, we stopped at some of the highlights of Amsterdam such as the Mr. Visser Square, one of the busiest cycling intersections in the city, and the new bike parking garage at Leidseplein. Another focus point was the combination of cycling with train transport, which is very popular in the Netherlands.

Ms. Leonore Gewessler was very interested and enthusiastic about the measures that Amsterdam takes to make cycling safer, more inclusive and efficient.

Over half of all journeys in the city center are taken by bicycle. Amsterdam has a unique and extensive bicycle network with plenty of safe and bicycle-friendly routes. Every part of the city is easily accessible by bicycle.

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