Cycling for Everyone
Cycling for Everyone

Rotterdam presents new cycling vision

26 November 2019

The Councilor of the City of Rotterdam, Judith van Bokhove, presented the ‘Cycling direction’ (‘Fietskoers’).

Van Bokhove presented the new cycling vision of the City of Rotterdam at the 18th of November. The city needed a new vision, according to her, because the city gets busier and welcomes more and more ways of transport like bike- or scooter sharing systems or steps.

The city wants for example more wide bike paths, parking places and safer crossings and more information about safety for children and elderly people. Van Bokhove also said to start a pilot with special software to discover connections between accidents and dangerous places to prevent accidents in the future.

She also launched the ‘Fietsalliantie’, a cooperation of companies and organisations to promote cycling. A few of the Dutch Cycling Embassy participants were present at this launch, like Fietsdiensten, NS, ProRail and bike sharing system Donkey Republic.

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