Cycling for Everyone
Cycling for Everyone
Photo of presentation at Goudappel's office for DCE's Q4

Quarterly Participant Meeting Q4

19 December 2023

Deventer was the meeting point for the fourth quarterly participant meeting of the year, as we were delighted to be hosted by Goudappel on 14th December 2023. Celebrating their 60th anniversary of providing mobility advice nationally and internationally, Goudappel proved to be the ideal location to welcome participants from the public-private network that make up the Dutch Cycling Embassy.

A crisp clear winters day made for perfect walking conditions, as multiple groups made their way around the charming medieval city, guided on a walking tour by Goudappel. Along the way, stories regarding the cities changing mobility policies were provided, including tales of bicycle parking facilities, and the pedestrianisation of streets such as where the Keizerstraat adjoins the Brink. A festive charm accompanied us through the historic and narrow winding streets, as the adorned seasonal decorations shone warm and golden. Indeed, golden fingerprints were all over the afternoons activities as after glimpsing the beautiful Deventer Stadhuis, we made our way to Goudappel’s office.

We were greeted at the office with a small reception as people were then welcomed at Goudappel by Richard ter Avest and Wim Korver, alongside Skadi Tirpak from the Dutch Cycling Embassy. Richard introduced Goudappel, who’s mobility expertise, including on strategy, modelling, and behavioral research, enables them to take care of the entire consulting chain for its customers. Their advice and knowledge, based on high-quality data and in-house software, is used to create a better living environment for everyone and contribute to Brede Welvaart. Richard also detailed the work they do with the Iganga Foundation, which collaborates with many local partners in developing countries to tackle their mobility challenges.

Skadi then reflected back and looked forward regarding work at the DCE through the help of colleagues. This included updates on social media trends, a look back and forward to our work in Germany, Switzerland and Ireland, whilst Shelley Bontje, alongside Mirijam Borsboom from I&W, outlined the work that ACTIVE aims to achieve over the coming years. Participants were also updated on Velocity 2024, and on research done regarding cargo bikes and bicycle activism in Medellín. Carolina Ramos from Panteia also presented market analysis completed with Beccan Davilla Puentes for Dutch companies regarding Sustainable Urban Mobility in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama, and Uruguay. With some interactive question and answers coming towards the end of discussions, presentations were wrapped up with an update from Ruben Loendersloot and a warm welcome to Maarten Wielick from Fulpra, our latest participant.

With presentations over, it was time for borrelen festivities and network opportunities. Thank you very much to Goudappel for your gracious hospitality, it was great to connect and reconnect with people over a drink and bite to eat. We look forward to seeing what 2024 brings for everyone. Happy holidays!

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