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Cycling for Everyone
Q1 Meeting

Quarterly Participant meeting Q1

28 March 2023

Last week we organized a well-attended participant meeting of the public-private network of the Dutch Cycling Embassy in Zwolle. Syb Tjepkema and Bjorn Blink of the City of Zwolle warmly welcomed us and shared how the city was one of the first to make the shift back from cars to bikes in the 1970s. To gain firsthand experience of the cycling city, some members of the group hopped on bikes and embarked on a guided tour that included a pit stop at Cycloon, a bicycle courier, to observe their operations. After the tour and fresh air, everyone joined at the old City Hall for presentations and a documentary viewing of Women Don’t Cycle.

Bike Tour in Zwolle

In March, International Women’s Day draws worldwide attention to emancipation and women’s rights. At the Dutch Cycling Embassy, we recognize the importance of solidarity on this day, as it is everyone’s responsibility to support women’s rights and interests. In line with this theme, we designed a program featuring a film screening of ‘Women Don’t Cycle,’ which explores the role of cycling for women in various countries around the world. Following successful screenings in Belgium and France, we premiered the film in the Netherlands. After the screening, Shelley Bontje (DCE) and other participants from our network led in-depth discussions with the filmmaker, Manon Brulard, and external guest Esther van Dijk.

In addition, we had the pleasure of welcoming new participants: Sustainable Solutions (Dirk de Jager), Dick van Veen (Dick van Veen), Upway (Ysabel Hoogeveen), Abel Leisure (Jeroen Drabbe), and Dutch Bike Parking Academy (Ton Kooymans). But that’s not all – we wrapped up the day with a social gathering over drinks, providing ample opportunity for networking among all attendees. We were thrilled to reconnect with such a passionate group of individuals and organizations, as we work together towards making the world a better place! We are looking forward to Q2 in Den Haag, with a beautiful summery beach scenery, drinks, and food!


Save the date for the next quarterly meetings:

  • Tuesday, July 4th in Den Haag at I&W + bicycle tour to Scheveningen
  • Tuesday, October 3rd in Utrecht
  • Thursday, December 14th, place tbd



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