Cycling for Everyone
Cycling for Everyone

Netherlands-Korea EcoMobility Conference

8 June 2021

On June 3rd the Dutch Cycling Embassy was invited to the “Netherlands-Korea EcoMobility Conference: Carbon Neutral, Bicycles are the answer”, organized by the city of Daegu in co-operation with The Netherlands Embassy in Seoul, Korea.

The hybrid conference was attended by various stakeholders from Korea with Dutch experts joining digitally. After an introduction by Ambassador Joanne Doornewaard and several presentations from Korean participants, which focused on the challenges and opportunities to improve cycling conditions, DCE-director Lucas Harms presented an overview of experiences and best practices from the Netherlands. Following this, Rob van der Bijl from Favas/ Ghent University shared 5 specific lessons, ranging from assessing your progress, ways to empower and engage citizens, to smart framing and embracing pragmatism. Simone Jorink from Movares offered insights into the largest bicycle parking facility in the world, located in Utrecht. Finally, Sonja Rijsbosch from the Dutch Enterprise Agency (RVO) presented about Dutch national government perspectives and policies.

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