Cycling for Everyone
Cycling for Everyone
Two study visit participants on a tandem speaking to the Managing Director of the Dutch Cycling Embassy Skadi Tirpak.

LATAM Influentials visit Utrecht

7 September 2023

On Tuesday, 5th September 2023, a group of “Influentials” from Chile, Costa Rica, Argentina and Peru visited Utrecht with the Dutch Cycling Embassy as part of a week-long sustainable mobility-themed study visit to The Netherlands with RVO, the Netherlands Enterprise agency.

Participants included, amongst others, Carlos Ávila Arquín, Vice Minister of Transportation and Road Safety of Costa Rica, Tomás Echiburu, Chief of Active Mobility at the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications of Chile, and Paola Tapia Salas, Director of Metropolitan Public Transport of Chile.

The morning started with an introduction to Dutch Cycling, followed by a range of informative presentations from DCE network partners, which covered all topics from hardware through software to orgware, with examples from and applications to the Dutch as well as Latin American contexts. Presentation titles included, for example, “SUM in LA America: policy implications” by Geert Koops of Panteia, “Planning & design using open data” by Martijn Akkerman of Witteveen + Bos, and “Centering the Needs of Families in the Active Travel Conversation” by Daniela Gutierrez of BYCS, as well as “Combining powerful incentives and technology to change commuting behaviour” by Jose Diaz of Motion.

Discussion about the various topics, challenges and sources of inspiration continued during a walking tour of key city centre infrastructure, and a sustainable lunch. This was followed by a cycling tour, led by Mark Wagenbuur of Bicycle Dutch. During this tour, participants were able to experience cycling in a Dutch city, and learn about the continued development of (cycling) infrastructure, and associated challenges and success, in Utrecht.

We would also like to thank Constanza Gutiérrez Torres of Goudappel, Lotte Rijsman and Stuart Clapham of RHDHV, and Luisina Perassi of Humankind for the expertise they contributed to make this study visit a success!

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