Cycling for Everyone
Cycling for Everyone

High-Level Study Visits from Germany

16 November 2021

DCE hosts two high-level delegations from Baden-Württemberg and Köln in September and October 2021.

On September 24th, a high-level delegation from Baden-Württemberg visited Utrecht, including Elke Zimmer MdL, Staatssekretärin im Ministerium für Verkehr. After Deputy Mayor Lot van Hooijdonk welcomed the delegation, the City of Utrecht’s Herbert Tiemens presented the Utrecht cycling strategy, and then Dutch Cycling Embassy Managing Director Lucas Harms presented the national context of Dutch Cycling. One month later, on October 22nd, a delegation consisting of 25 politicians and planners from the City of Köln visited Utrecht. In addition to a guided bike ride through the city, the DCE offered opportunities for presentations and discussion with Ronald Tamse from the City of Utrecht and the DCE’s own Lucas Harms.

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