Cycling for Everyone
Cycling for Everyone

Götenburg Study Visit

5 June 2022

On the 2nd and 3rd of June the Dutch Cycling Embassy hosted an enthusiastic group from Gothenburg. The group consisted of representatives with a variety of backgrounds, among others Climate Partnerships, Businesses and Collaboration, Electrification, Retail and E-commerce, Mobility and Behavioral change. The group main interest was to learn more about the cycling and micromoblity industry in the Netherlands with a special focus on last mile delivery, micrologistics solutions/hubs for logistics and the development of cycling-related small retail. To fulfill the needs of the group we facilitated a packed 1.5 day program full with experts presentations as well as cycling tours in two cities: Amsterdam and the Hague. We kicked-off the program in Amsterdam where Dick van Veen welcomed us at the City hall and presented about the Dutch history of cycling, urban planning and street design. The presentation of Dick immediately sparked questions and a fruitful conversation followed. After a short (coffee)break Tom Valk (Royal HasKoning DHV) continue the conversation by presenting about ‘’What the hub?’’. Tom dived into the question what is a mobility hub, how to realize your hub and what Tom’s experiences are while working in project in the Netherlands focusing on hubs and developments. Also, Tom’s presentation resulted plenty of in-depth questions and sharing experiences. After stretching our legs and filling up our tummies we continued the day by discovering and experiencing Amsterdam by bicycle. Dick led the group around the city and highlighted the newest developments within Amsterdam’s public realm. It’s inspiring to see how the city is flourishing well at the same time plans of making the city center car free are being implemented at the same time. Next up was a visit to The Hague where we started in the beautiful cozy café of Lola Bikes, just near to the Noordeinde Palace. In an informal setting, Jocelyn Kemker-de Kruijf (Triple Joy) leaded us during her presentation through some interventions to motivate people cycling, and showed some examples how this is been done in several Dutch cities, like Amersfoort. It’s not only about motivated people to push them on a bike, also cities can play a major role in it! With local expert Erik Tetteroo (HOD Works) we’ve experienced the The Hague Bike Experience. How to cycle through a busy city as it is, and see all the developments to make the city more and more livable. Car parking under the canals, terraces on old parking spots in the narrow streets and a tramline underneath the big shopping street. Very good inspiration to take back to Sweden.

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