Cycling for Everyone
Cycling for Everyone

German Delegation Visits Sunny Houten

16 October 2021

Bureau voor fietsstimulering triple Joy guided a German delegation on a bicycle tour around Utrecht and Houten.

The tour took place on Saturday, October 16, 2021. The purpose of this tour was to show how both cities have been transforming public spaces to give cycling a leading role. The tour included a visit to the Bicycle Lights Program of the Fietsersbond department in Houten. There, the guests could see how the department fixed bicycle lights from inhabitants and commuters during the day.

The delegation was motivated to see the strength of the cycling culture in the city. One of the participants said: “I am really surprised to see how much room for bicycles you have here. When I cycle in my hometown, I cycle between the cars. There are no separate bike lanes, nor enough space for safe cycling”.

Another section of the tour was to experience the surroundings of Houten. The main goal was to find possible solutions to the interests and questions of the delegation, such as: How can we balance cycling and the traffic access to rural areas? Where is it possible to cycle next to a regional highway? How do children learn to cycle to go to school? What did the Municipality of Utrecht do to create more space for bicycles near the hockey club? How does the Houten cycling network work? What are the possible solutions for bicycle and train intramodality?

The guided-tour leader, Jocelyn Kemker, stated: “I had a wonderful day! It was great again to share time and knowledge with delegations. The COVID-19 pandemic had a big impact on opportunities like this. It was an enthusiastic group of people. I hope that I have inspired them to hold on to their cycling goals”.

During that day, there were discussions about how to translate the cycling success of Utrecht and Houten into the delegation local context. This tour was organized with support of the Municipality of Houten and made possible by the Hövelhofer Grünen Fraction.

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