Cycling for Everyone
Cycling for Everyone

First of Two Webinars for Paderborn

14 February 2021

On Monday February 15th, the DCE was involved in a first of two webinars, organized for the city of Paderborn.

Both webinars will focus on stakeholder management and design principles, the first organized for city officials, planners and local police representatives, the second organized for Paderborn’s politicians.

During the first webinar, two of DCE’s experts were present to discuss cycling inclusivity for the city of Paderborn. Mobycon’s Bernhard Ensink spoke about stakeholder management and design principles for bicycle infrastructure. Ruben Loendersloot of the Loendersloot Groep continued on this last subject and discussed ways of translating these principles to examples in Paderborn. Ruben also presented ways of inspiring and convincing Paderborn’s inhabitants to cycle more often, and how safe and comfortable cycling infrastructure can invite its inhabitants to use a more sustainable and healthy mode of transport.

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