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Dutch trade mission to California

5 November 2019

The Dutch Cycling Embassy will join the Dutch trade delegation to California.

From the 11th until the 16th of November, the Dutch Cycling Embassy will visit San Francisco, Davis and Los Angeles as a part of the trade mission from the RVO (Netherlands Enterprise Agency) that focuses on Economy, Mobility and Resilience. “The United States are already very active in sustainability but we think they don’t give enough attention yet to implementation of the bicycle. We join the trade mission to prepare for a bigger mission in the beginning of next year focussing only on implementing the bicycle,” says Edward Douma, project manager of the Dutch Cycling Embassy (DCE).

The participants Goudappel Coffeng, APPM and Bike-minded will join two representatives of the DCE. Goudappel Coffeng does this in the context of their program ‘Excellent cities’, where they already work together with the companies DAT Mobility and Move Mobility. Bike-minded is already known in the area since they are part of the design team of the LA River Bike Path project.

When it comes to the environment and climate, the Netherlands has already worked a few years tightly together with California. This state is the precursor to all of the United States regarding climate policy. Since 2015, the state has worked together with the Netherlands in the Zero Emission Vehicle alliance and it is also part of the Transport Decarbonization Alliance.

The visit will take place at this moment for several reasons. Los Angeles, one of the two biggest cities in the state, will organise the Olympic Games in 2028 and is now in the middle of the preparations for this. Furthermore, on the 14th and the 15th of November, Los Angeles will host the LA CoMotion conference about the mobility revolution in cities all over the world.

Representatives of the Dutch Cycling Embassy and its participants will give the local government members of the city of Davis a workshop about bike mobility, focussed on e-bikes and high-speed cycling paths. This is after civil servants of Davis already visited the DCE the end of last year. They will also give their view on mobility during a meeting with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency and attend a round table conversation with several corporates at the headquarter of Facebook. Last but not least: the Dutch Cycling Embassy will assist Deputy Minister Roald Lapperre who will cycle on the new bike path next to the LA River.

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