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Cycling for Everyone

Dutch Expertise on Channel Island of Jersey

26 April 2022

Dutch Cycling Embassy provides team of public and private experts to work with the Channel Island of Jersey.

Last week, the Dutch Cycling Embassy visited the Channel Island—and self-governing UK dependency—of Jersey. This was following up from a two-day study tour of Delft and Utrecht we organized in 2019 for a high-level delegation from their Department of Transport. In attendence on behalf of the DCE were Shelley Bontje of Mobycon and Syb Tjepkema of Gemeente Zwolle.

Located 21 km. off the coast of Normandy, the Balliwick of Jersey presents a unique challenge and opportunity for the Dutch Cycling Embassy: a small, self-governing island with more cars than people, where the vast majority of trips are under 5 km., yet two-thirds of those journeys are driven (alone).

The Dutch experts spent three days working on a Sustainable Transport Policy looking to convert a number of those trips to the more scale-appropriate (e-)bike, based on their experience working on similar schemes in the Netherlands. This involved a series of public and private events designed to engage the business, tourism, advocacy, and public health communities.

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