Cycling for Everyone
Cycling for Everyone

Dutch Expertise in Berlin and Warsaw

29 January 2020

Dutch Cycling Embassy visits Berlin and Warsaw to discuss future cooperation with our network.

This week, the Dutch Cycling Embassy’s Lucas Harms and Arjen Klinkenberg travelled by train to Berlin. There, they had multiple fruitful meetings to explore possibilities for our network to help Germany move forward with improving cycling conditions. They had an energetic exchange with ADFC—the German Cyclists’ Association—followed by a talk with officials at the Netherlands Embassy to discuss bringing our network’s knowledge and expertise to German streets.

The following day, Lucas continued his train journey towards Warsaw, Poland, where he attended the Centre for EU Transport Projects‘ first Transport Research Observatory of 2020. He joined a group of experts and academics to debate the question: “Where is the bicycle going?” Polish cities like Warsaw are changing fast, but are still very much car-oriented, at least when compared to the Netherlands. We see great challenges for positive change ahead!

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