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Cycling for Everyone

Dutch Cycling Embassy’s climate impact

26 July 2023

The Dutch Cycling Embassy (DCE) frequently travels and utilizes various transportation modes. One significant purpose of their travels is to conduct ThinkBike Workshops aimed at assisting other cities in becoming more cycle-friendly. During these workshops, a team of two or three Dutch experts travel to different countries, engaging with local-decision-makers and planners in interactive and hands-on sessions. The choice of transportation methods to go to the countries for the ThinkBike Workshops are carefully considered, taking in factors like travel distance, time, and environmental impact.

Ensuring a positive environmental footprint is crucial to the non-profit organization, prompting them to fact-check their carbon footprint. Therefore, the DCE asked DECISIO to investigate the extent of cycling changes required to offset the climate impact of their travel.

To conduct the study, three destinations were chosen based on recent trips made by DCE: Lisbon, Austin and Ho Chi Minh City. For each location, three different bicycle stimulation measures were examined. These measures included creating a bicycle-safe school environment, installing bicycle parking space and generally encouraging cycling among locals. The study sought to determine the modal shift required in each city to counterbalance the climate impact of their transportation choice.

To delve deeper into the methods used and determinations, you can access the report from DECISIO below (in Dutch).

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