Cycling for Everyone
Cycling for Everyone

Dutch Cycling Embassy hosts World Bank Group South Asia

22 June 2022

On Monday the 20th of June managers, program leaders, task team leaders, operations analysts, and a handful of administrative staff from the World Bank Group were welcomed by the Dutch Cycling Embassy. Main topic of today was answering the question ‘’How did cycling, and the cycling mode share, in the Netherlands change over time?’’. Chris Bruntlett (Marketing and communication manager at the DCE) started off with sharing facts, figures, and numbers such as:

–          Half of all train trips in the Netherlands start with a bike ride, one quarter of all kilometers cycled are to/from a station.

–          E-bike users travel 64% further than ‘normal’ bike users, average e-bike trip journey length 5.9km (versus 3.6km)

–          Every year, over 200.000 primary school children across the Netherlands -ages 10 and 11- participate in a national traffic safety education curriculum.

–          Reverse gender gap: mode share for women is 28% (versus 26% for men)

–          Reverse age gap: 65-75 age group has a higher share than all other categories

And much more.

Lennart Nout and Marin Breukelaar (both from Mobycon) continued the conversation by diving into the modal split according to distance in the Netherlands, the change that has been made over time, Vision Zero etc. This triggered loads of questions from the audience. One of the answers Lennart gave was: ‘’Cycling is not dangerous, cars are dangerous.’’ Marin provided a short and sweat introduction to Utrecht as a city, describing the urban growth in collaboration with car ownership and car use. After listening to theory, it was time for practice! With assistance from Jocelyn Kemker – de Kruif (Triple Joy), André Pettinga (Cyclemotions), Marin and Nout a separate in-depth walking and cycling tour was provided.

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