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Cycling for Everyone

Digital Workshop in Fort Collins, Colorado

15 September 2021

City of Fort Collins, Colorado begins formal knowledge exchange process with the DCE and City of Enschede.

On 14th September 2021, the Dutch Cycling Embassy organised a two-hour digital workshop for the City of Fort Collins, Colorado, to begin a formal knowledge exchange process with the City of Enschede. It was attended by local urban and transport planners as well as politicians and other stakeholders. Three Dutch cycling experts helped run the workshop: Richard ter Avest of Goudappel, Tonny Bosch of MOVE Mobility, and Benjamin Groenewolt from the City of Enschede.

The session opened with an introduction by Fort Collins Mayor Jeni Arndt, a short presentation from the Dutch Cycling Embassy’s Chris Bruntlett, and three separate plenaries from the three Dutch experts. Then, the workshop moved to breakout sessions where the Dutch experts gave advice and ideas on specific obstacles or locations. Finally, the discussion branched out to broader issues, including the political context and balancing space requirements in the streets of Fort Collins.

We look forward to hopefully continuing this collaboration in a physical setting in the spring of 2022.

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