Cycling for Everyone
Cycling for Everyone

Difficult to make your own analyses for new mobility policy? Not with MobilityAnalyst!

4 July 2023 - Author: Christiaan Rasch

More and more employers are starting to implement a new mobility policy because they want to prioritize active mobility, reduce emissions, or save parking spaces. Sometimes, this decision is driven by existing or new reporting obligations or regulations. There are numerous changes occurring in commuting for various reasons. Car traffic is still increasing in many European countries, but there is also a growing realization that we can invest more in sustainable and active travel. Providing company cars and using public space for car commutes and parking are no longer considered self-evident. Commuting is no longer solely controlled by employers and employees; it affects everyone in more ways than we often realize.


When developing a new mobility policy, the common question is: “Where do we start?” Where can we achieve the greatest potential for change? How many employees can commute by bicycle, and how many people would consider public transport as a viable alternative if they cycle to the station first?


Many employers, both in the Netherlands and abroad, utilize the MobilityAnalyst tool to address these questions. This tool provides a comprehensive overview of where employers can make the most significant improvements. The best part is that the tool is self-explanatory and interactive. Employers can set specific policies using buttons and sliders and immediately see the impact on their organization, employees, emissions, and parking spaces. The tool presents data on maps and through various graphs and indicators, all without using jargon or requiring technical knowledge about mobility.


Do Dutch employers undertake this task independently? Sometimes they do, but often they receive support from dedicated mobility advisors whom they hire or who are facilitated by their region. Currently, ten Dutch regions are supporting employers in their areas with MobilityAnalyst, while other European regions are exploring similar collaborations.


If you want to learn more about this or “play” with our fully functional demo featuring a fictional employer (no registration or login required), visit

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