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Designing for Safer Right Turns in Zurich

14 April 2021

DCE organises workshop for City of Zurich to explore design solutions for safer right turns on intersections.

On 14th April 2021, the Dutch Cycling Embassy organised a half-day digital workshop for the City of Zurich, Switzerland, to explore solutions for safer right turns on intersections. It was attended by municipal urban planners as well as  safety and project coordinators. Three Dutch cycling experts helped run the workshop: Stefan Bendiks, Sjors Van Duren, and Ruben Loendersloot.

The session opened with an introduction to the issue and context, possible solutions that are being explored by Zurich, and finally Dutch solutions to comparable problems. Then, the workshop moved to breakout sessions where the Dutch experts gave advice and ideas on specific obstacles or locations. Finally, the discussion branched out to broader issues, including the political context and balancing space requirements in the streets of Zurich.

This workshop was coordinated through the Netherlands Embassy in Bern and Honorary Consul in Zurich. We look forward to hopefully continuing this collaboration in a physical setting in the autumn of 2021.

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