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Cycling for Everyone

Delegation from Russia Visits The Hague

6 June 2019

A delegation from the Russian Ministry of Transport and Moscow Municipal Government visited The Hague.

This week, a delegation from the Russian Ministry of Transport and Moscow Munipical Government visited the Netherlands to learn more about the Dutch approach to transport and mobility.

On behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, the Dutch Cycling Embassy shared the story about cycling in the Netherlands. This was started with by explaining that the current situation has not always been the case, but it took political will and patience to develop the cycling conditions which are present nowadays. Also more information about Tour de Force and the measures the national government is taking were discussed. The City of Moscow is currently shifting towards a more sustainable, eco-friendly and safe city, where they prioritize pedestrians and cyclists over private vehicles. There are, however, still big steps to be taken in order to assure this. The vivid discussion during the presentation showed that it will be hard to see change in mobility patterns will be happening in the next couple of years.

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