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Cycling for Everyone

DCE Celebrates Ten-Year Anniversary

29 September 2021

New booklet documents the impacts, outcomes, and legacies arising from their ThinkBike Workshops®.

The Dutch Cycling Embassy—a vast public-private network that exports the best cycling knowledge and expertise from the Netherlands to regions around the world—celebrated its ten-year anniversary with an event at the Railway Museum in Utrecht today. Around 150 mobility experts from 80 organizations gathered to take a retrospective look at an entire decade of activities, including the unveiling of a new publication that documents the impacts, outcomes, and legacies arising from their signature ThinkBike Workshops®.

Since its founding in 2011, the Dutch Cycling Embassy has hosted 45 tailor-made ThinkBike Workshops® globally, assembling teams of Dutch experts to offer support and guidance in implementing Dutch-style solutions; collaborating with local transport planners to adapt these measures to their own geographical, social, and cultural contexts. Using the lenses of hardware (infrastructure and the built environment), software (the human side of mobility), and orgware (the cooperation process between actors), this booklet analyses case studies in the USA, Philippines, Finland, Norway, France, and Dominican Republic. The infrastructural legacies of these particular workshops are impressive, and include Finland’s first Dutch-style roundabout in Joensuu, and France’s first Dutch-inspired quiet neighbourhood in Montreuil.

“The pandemic has shown us cities need more resilient and equitable mobility—not only to weather the COVID-19 crisis, but also to prepare for the climate crisis, and to provide an accessible answer to the deepening inequality in many urban areas,” says Dutch Cycling Embassy Managing Director Lucas Harms. “The Netherlands learned first-hand that cycling is not only a humble mode of transportation but also very powerful transformational tool.”

If you would like to download a PDF copy of this booklet, please visit

If you are interested in organizing a ThinkBike Workshop® in your location, please email the Dutch Cycling Embassy at We will plan a preliminary call to assess your specific needs; then develop a program and budget to ensure the best possible outcome.

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